Quality Assurance

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Our stringent purchasing standards ensure uniform quality to prevent moisture absorption, discoloring and polish variations. All consignments are inspected by internal and external quality assurance departments, in addition to other outside agencies as required by the buyer.


We ensure that our customers are delivered the agreed amount of quantity by individually weighing all the bags on electronic scales and rechecking them before shipment.


We source high quality stocks from the rice growing regions of Sindh and Punjab and offer them to our customers on financially attractive terms.


We maintain a substantial buffer stock of over 60,000 MT in our warehouse near Karachi Port, which enables us to meet spontaneous demands on CFR basis, even during off-seasons. Thereby, we reduce the lead-time for our customers to avail the opportunity in their domestic markets.


We ensure to fulfill our contractual obligations regardless of ongoing instability, whether in the country or in the commodity market.

Our team of rice and shipping experts provide on-the-spot assistance to our customers at the time of import and ship discharge to ensure a smooth execution of the transaction to the buyer’s warehouse.

Quality & Food Safety Policy